What We Do

About Say Hey There

Say Hey There is a woman-owned creative studio located in Omaha’s Old Market that specializes in developing and rolling out successful longterm marketing and communications strategies. Our philosophy is that the best way to promote your cause, connect with potential advocates, and spread awareness is through a strategy focused on compelling content, community engagement, and special campaigns.

We can help you harness the power behind all these factors working together and unleash creative storytelling that connects with people in an authentic way.

With our partnership model, we can work together on an ongoing basis to effectively tell your story and promote your brand, programs, initiatives, and events. We draw upon our thoughtfully developed processes to design a program specifically for you. We love to collaborate! Say Hey There is the perfect complement to your internal marketing team and external partners.

In addition, we help you find your unique voice, make recommendations to help propel you forward. and serve as a consultant to help you stay consistently on-brand with messaging and visuals. Our ultimate goal is to help your organization grow, develop a leading presence, and inspire community.

Brands are like people: each one unique. Each with its own sound, aesthetic, values, challenges, and successes. Every brand has its own story. Building the elements of your brand strategy starts with clarifying who you are and what makes you different, then finding modern, effective ways to communicate with the world and connect with people.

Modern content should be enjoyable. Clickable. Social. It should be relevant, authentic, simple, tell your story, and win people over. Content is our specialty. We know the when, where, why, and how of digital content. When crafting your content, we consider all of the modern best practices and trends in user experience.

Modern consumers make decisions based on recommendations, brand transparency, activism, and personal passions. To engage, we focus on proactively delighting your community. That means crafting compelling content, celebrating your circle, and tapping into the power of brand advocates. Online, that means crafting content that will resonate, acknowledging reviews, being transparent and responsive, and tapping into the power of your advocates. Offline, that means hosting unforgettable soirees that bring people together in the name of your cause.

A great campaign has the power to influence, move, and inspire. We can help you market a fundraising event or initiative, create buzz, manage a winning social media campaign, and so much more. How? It all comes back to great ideas, great content, and the way we package everything together to resonate with your audience.

Our Offerings

Whether you are about to launch a new brand or need to clarify your existing brand, we can help you craft standards that will help you ensure consistency in style and voice, stand out and grow awareness over time, and propel your organization to the next level. We can also help you develop and roll-out a marketing and communications strategy to support your overall goals.

We can develop a marketing strategy for promoting special events and campaigns and roll-out across all mediums. For campaigns that means developing creative assets and blasting them out to the masses. For events that may include: promoting sponsorships; developing assets for radio, TV, and digital displays; press releases; programs and signage; timeline development and scripting; videography, photography, and more.

The many facets of social media management include planning engaging content, crafting messages, publishing posts, and advertising. Depending on your needs, it can also include basic community management (e.g. responding on your behalf, answering questions, liking comments, RTs, and other acknowledgements).

We marry your mission, vision, and goals with our creative concepts to create compelling, beautiful video stories that resonate with your audience. From “about us” pieces for your website to PSAs to social media commercials promoting your fundraiser or program, we’ll handle all aspects of production including creative direction, logistics, editing, and help you determine the best ways to use your video and get it out in front of the world.

Everything from the fonts and colors you choose for your marketing assets to the significance behind your logo design has an impact. We always design with your brand in mind. Design projects include brochures, mailers, flyers, posters, print or digital advertisements, and imagery for your website, social media, or email campaigns.


From writing news stories and headlines to brand messaging, every organization needs a great writer. We write for modern audiences and specialize in what translates well for online readers (hint: it should be clear, concise, and compelling). Stay fresh and enlist Say Hey There for help in writing everything from your newsletter copy to emcee scripts to human interest stories for your blog.


For the best effect, your website should be appealing, responsive for all devices, and give the people what they want. Ask yourself: are all of my donors’ or customers’ potential questions answered? Is the information included still relevant today and easy to find? Are modern best practices applied?  We can guide you through the website-enhancing process with the user in mind — from customizing a modern, responsive design that will work beautifully on all devices to writing great copy. You’ll end up with a contemporary website built on the robust WordPress platform set up to evolve with your changing needs well into the future.

We can help create and schedule engaging, interactive HTML emails for your various audiences. This can include template development, audience management, and providing analytics. Recommended platform: MailChimp.

"Drop the Mic!" Brainstorms

What’s in a name? Only everything! Need the perfect name, tag line, or hashtag for your new brand, campaign, program, or something else? We have a way with words, and our collaborative, laid-back Drop the Mic! brainstorm sessions will win your team’s buy-in and get the creative juices flowing. You’ll end up with one-of-a-kind, strategic branding.

Google Workspace Partner

We are a Google Workspace partner! Google gives you the tools you need to run your organization like a pro. Set up custom email, share and store files securely online, video chat from any device, and more. Contact us for more info on how your organization can make the transition and get 10% off the first year.

Gain Partner

We use Gain, a social media management tool and content planner that allows us to collaborate with clients in a seamless workflow. Gain offers a beautiful, clean calendar interface, post mock-ups for each platform, approvals processes, content exports, and more. Sign up via our referral link and get 50% off your first 3 months!

Behind the Scenes

As the Founder of Say Hey There, Mikala draws upon her 15-year career in marketing to help client partners manage a communications strategy and roll-out campaigns. She has been asked to speak about branding, storytelling, and entrepreneurship at panels hosted by the Omaha chapters of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and AAF (American Advertising Federation), and has been featured in the Omaha Chamber’s We Don’t Coast blog.

In her spare time, Mikala enjoys supporting the arts. She is a past president and longtime board member of the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards, and remains involved to this day as a marketing sponsor. As a music journalist, she has been supportive of Omaha’s hip hop scene since 2013, running a blog and having work published in The ReaderMikala also enjoys volunteering for community events such as MAHA and Student Celebration Day.

Mikala is passionate about music and about the creative community here in Omaha. If you ever need any sort of help with marketing, graphic design, web development, branding, strategy, etc, I highly recommend Mikala and Say Hey There!
Erin McMorrow

Proud Member of the Storytellers Collaborative