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“Guns & Hoses” is the common name given to events nationwide that feature police officers and firefighters competing in various sports. There is a natural, friendly competitive nature between the first responders, and – regardless of location – these are always fun, well-promoted and well-attended events.

In Omaha, Guns & Hoses is the leading police vs. fire competition and has drawn thousands of spectators annually since 2017. In fact, the event was awarded “Best Event” by Metro Magazine in 2018!“If you added accent wallpaper to your interior during the pandemic (or just liked the “before and after” post on Instagram), you will definitely love wallpaper in wedding design! The perfect place for a signature wedding color accent would be the backdrop of the front door weddings trends 2022 or the stage behind the band,” says Mindy Weiss. “Recently, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the style of the guests. Everyone is dressing up like a needle, and some even think over the images, as if they had descended from the stage, ”says 42 North. Mindy Weiss agrees: “After all these months on the couch, the guests can’t wait to dress up again. Get your tuxedos ready – black tie is back!

For the past several years, all proceeds have been donated back to the First Responders Foundation – a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – to help solve community public safety issues and support first responders.

Since the First Responders Foundation took over organizing the event in 2017, Say Hey There has been the marketing firm behind the event, helping to develop creative and rally community. Scroll through this page to check out all the ways we’ve helped the event grow over the years!

Marketing Approach

We have had much success with a diversified approach and take advantage of a wide-range of mediums such as social media, email, TV, radio, digital billboards, print, and community calendars, partners, and influencers.

Guns & Hoses typically occurs each spring, and we begin planning out each of these aspects 9 months in advance. This includes developing a timeline, budget, communication plan, sponsorship packages, and a marketing calendar as well as securing relationships with media and various vendors.

Social Media Campaign & Community Engagement

Our editorial calendar spans Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to the Guns & Hoses and First Responders Foundation social platforms, our content is cross promoted by partners, first responders, sponsors, and by official first responder agencies like the Omaha police and fire departments. Approximately 20% of our overall marketing budget is dedicated to social media advertising.


We have worked with NRG Media and Summit Media in promoting the event across radio stations like 105.9, Z92, 101.9, 98.5, 1620 The Zone, 106.9, and La Nueva. In addition to regular commercials, interviews, and on-air giveaways, we’ve booked live remotes to promote ticket sales.

For TV, we have worked with KMTV, Cox Media, and KETV, producing :15 and :30 commercial cuts and pre-roll ads. We help choose the schedule to ensure commercials are aired during ideal hours and on high-performing channels selected for our target demo. We also receive complimentary PSAs for our nonprofit designation and additional interest for interviews and event coverage!

Website Development & Management

At one time, we created a website to promote the event, which included features like:

  • Blog
  • Video and podcast integration
  • Social media integration
  • Sponsor portal
  • Fighter portal

Photo & Video

We know the importance of high-quality photography and compelling video in promoting the event. That’s why collaborate with the pros to produce great visuals, including:

  • Event hype/promo commercial
  • TV spots
  • Social media promos (including vertical versions for stories and reels)
  • Recap video to show off highlights from the event
  • Event photography (we provide a shot list to ensure we have what we need to share with attendees and promote next year’s festivities)

Baxter Arena Creative

To bring the event to life, we design the signage and graphics and creative inside and outside the arena.

This includes everything shown on the TVs, jumbotron, upper and lower halos, ribbon board, and other displays leading up to and during the event.

Event Production

In addition to making the event work aesthetically, we are also responsible for directing the front of house production, including the script, A/V cues, and timeline to help make sure everything goes off without a hitch. This includes regularly meetings with Baxter Arena, walk-throughs to test A/V, and collaborating with Baxter’s amazing production crew to ensure nothing is missed.

There are many factors at play, including lighting, music, camera decisions, special ceremonies, announcements, intermission activities, and sponsorship promos.

Merchandise Booth

What’s an event without merch? We’ve helped determine what merch to purchase, in what quantities, helped create the designs, and strategize how to move it at the big event.

It’s Hockey Time!

In 2022, after two years hiatus due to the pandemic, the First Responders Foundation transitioned the boxing challenge into a hockey challenge! The inaugural year was a complete success, selling 2,700+ tickets and raising $70,000+ to support our heroic first responders. In 2023 and 2024, we raised more than $100,000! We can’t wait to skate back into Baxter Arena on March 9, 2025.

Engaging Sponsors

The Guns & Hoses Hockey Challenge relies on its sponsors to help take this from a fun community event to a big benefit for first responders. By offering amazing sponsorship perks, making sure they know how much we appreciate them, and organizing a great event they want to be a part of, our sponsors love to return year after year! But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what one first-time sponsor said as they committed to a larger sponsorship for the next event!